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Anticoagulation Management FAQs


How often do I need to have blood work?
Our goal is for our patients to have blood tests monthly. However, your INR dictates the need for the testing.


Can I eat food that is high in Vitamin K?
Yes, food high in Vitamin K such as spinach, cabbage, dark green leafy salads, may be eaten in MODERATION. Be consistent- that is the key!


Can I take aspirin/naproxen/ibuprofen products while on an anticoagulant?
Occasionally yes, however, not on a regular basis. These medications increase your risk of bleeding. Our recommendation is to use acetaminophen products for pain.


Will medicine I am taking affect my INR reading?
Yes. Please let our clinic know when any new medicines are started or stopped.


Can I drink alcohol while on an anticoagulant?
Yes. In moderation. One to two drinks per week are acceptable.

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