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The Center for Anticoagulation Management


William J. Smolinski, DO, Medical Director

Heather Gallagher, RN

Lori Rauenzahn

The Heart Care Group offers patients taking anticoagulants a convenient clinic to test their blood levels. This clinic has been extremely helpful for hundreds of patients who are prescribed a blood thinner. 

At The Center for Anticoagulation Management, we offer a quick finger stick test versus a venous draw. This method provides for immediate results. Patients are tested, diagnosed, and educated right on the spot. Since the clinic is located in our office, doctors are always available for consultation. The Center receives new patients at the time the doctor prescribes anticoagulants to them.


Patients receive education about the medicine, the dose they will follow, and the diet they should follow while taking the medication. The center's staff provides continuous care and education to patients for the time they are prescribed to take anticoagulants. 


The Center for Anticoagulation management sees patients Monday through Friday from

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Please call 610-770-2200 to set up an appointment.




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