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Frequently asked questions for Vascular Studies

Why do I have to fast for a LEAD test?
The abdominal portion requires patients to fast. The leg arteries begin in the abdomen, not the groin. Ultrasound is used to evaluate the leg arteries even in the belly. If air is in the belly, the ultrasound cannot penetrate. If there is excess fluid in the belly, it creates air, which can block the ultrasound.


Do the vascular studies use needles or dye?
No, the vascular tests use just ultrasound and blood pressures.


Frequently asked questions for Stress Testing

How long will my test take?
Please allow time for registration, pre-test questions, preparation of the testing, post-test questions, and technical review. For regular stress tests and stress echocardiograms, allow one hour. For nuclear stress tests, allow four to six hours.


May I eat before my test?
You may eat a light meal two hours before your stress test. You may also bring a light snack to have after the stress test.


What should I wear?
Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes for all types of studies.


May I take my medication before my test?
You should take half of your insulin dose on the morning of the test. Please see your test instructions for specifics. Some medicines should not be taken for 24-48 hours before an adenosine or Dobutamine stress test. Otherwise, you should take your medications unless you are instructed otherwise by your doctor.


How long do I have to walk in the treadmill?
We ask you to walk to the best of your ability for your stress test. Times differ with each individual. 


How do I get my results?
The doctor or provider ordering the test is responsible for giving the results to you.


Will I have any reaction to the nuclear medicine?
There is no known reaction to nuclear medicine. It is not a dye like CAT scan dye or dye used for cardiac catheterizations.


How long will the nuclear medicine be in my system?
It will be gone from your system in two days.


May I bring my family with me?
If you require special assistance, such as visual assistance or an interpreter, a family member needs to come with you. Please note, children under 18 or pregnant women are not allowed in the nuclear medicine area.

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