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The Device Clinic FAQs


Most Common questions asked regarding your device.


1. When can I drive?  
You are permitted to drive once seen in the device clinic usually 10-14 days after your device implant.  


2. How do I take care of my incision?
You are allowed to take a shower; however, you need to keep your incision dry until your steri-strips fall off. Wash normal with soap and water, please do not put any lotions, ointments or creams over your incision.


3. Can I travel?
You are able to travel once seen in our device clinic.  You may also have a home monitor system to follow your device. If you travel away from home for more then 2 weeks, you can take your monitor with you anywhere in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.


4. Can I use a cell phone?
You may use a cell phone, we do recommend that you keep your cell phone 6 inches away from your device, and highly recommend that you use your ear opposite of your device.


5. Can I use household appliances?
Household appliances may be used and are very unlikely to interfere with your device. This includes microwaves and major household appliances.


6. Can I do physical activities?
Most physical activities are safe. We recommend that you talk with your Cardiologist before starting any physical activities. Walking is safe.


7. How will I know that my device is working?
At the Heart Care Group we follow our patients very closely with Home monitoring and in office device checks. The device clinic will let you know approx. how much battery life you have remaining. Please keep in mind that pacemakers can last about 10 years and most AICD's can last 5 years.  


8. What happens if my AICD shocks me?
Only an AICD can shock the heart back into a normal rhythm. If you would receive a shock we advise you to call our device clinic at 610-778-3696, after hours you can reach a physician on call at 610-770-2200.  If you only receive (1) shock, call our office, if you receive more then (1) shock or you get (1) shock and don't feel well please either you or someone with you call 911.

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